Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Men in Kolkata I thought were quite chivalrous! At least I said so proudly to my friends in Bangalore, whenever there was an argument .
I had reasons to say so. When I started travelling in Bangalore buses, I was surprised to see men sitting in ladies seats. It was no different in any route, whether it was from Koramangla to Shivajinagar in 166 or 164 or from Chamrajapet to Kempegowda. Interestingly, women too had no qualms either on their way to office, school in the morning or coming back home. They happily chatted with their friends while the men dozed off while sitting. At times, I used to feel disgusted at their behaviour. If I had protested, very rarely though, they shot back in Kannada which was initially worse than Hebrew to me. But I felt proud thinking men in Calcutta were better.
But today, I have been proved wrong. I rather felt sad. I was on my way to office in a chartered bus. It was not so crowded when I boarded. But soon many hurdled inside. When the bus reached Beleghata, a lady embarked in the bus clutching her baby and trying hard to balance herself. It was evident she was unable to stand and looked helpless. But no one noticed. She came right in front of me. Next to me and around were many so-called bhadroloks who stayed put where they were and feigned not to have seen her.
I looked at her and asked her to seat. She breathed a sigh of relief. I felt good too. But wondered why at all I felt annoyed with the men in Bangalore buses.

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