Tuesday, September 02, 2014

An unfortunate incident spoils my shopping mood at the end of the day

Yesterday I had a bitter experience of facing  some very ill-mannered men in bus number 91 on the route of Jessore Road at around 8 pm when I refused to leave the senior citizen’s seat to an old lady who had boarded the bus near Lake Town. 

I had taken the same seat some three to four seconds before the lady stepped into the bus. After standing in the metro from Rashbihari to Belgachhia with a heavy packet in my hand I was also not feeling well inside the bus which was very crowded at that hour. 

Just when I had rested on the seat, the old lady and the conductor told me to get up and vacate the seat. I told them to wait for two minutes since I was about get down in the next stop in another three to four minutes. Like it was expected of a conductor, he went on pestering for the seat. He refused to listen to my request.  A passenger shouted at the top of his voice pointing finger at me and blasted to protest against me. My reasoning didn’t  reach his ears since he was not in his senses as far as I could understand from his facial expression.

On our way back home from shopping at Gariahat I had taken a auto-rickshaw to Rashbihari metro station from where I had taken the train to Belgachhia at 19.19 pm. We reached our destination at around 7.45 pm. Since there was a long queue for auto rickshaws I decided to take the bus instead of waiting and wasting time on the road.  

We went to Gariahat to buy some furnishings and crockeries and had finished shopping despite incessant rain which made us wait at intervals and delayed our work. By the time we had taken our stuff it was dark and still raining.

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