Saturday, August 12, 2006

Reema, 24, had an arrange marriage this year and came to Bangalore from Kolkata. She is a homemaker and her husband is a IT engineer. She spends a lonely day at her place as her husband leaves at 8 am and comes back late at night.

Shruti, 25, came to the city with her husband. She too remains busy throughout the day with her household chores. Her husband works with Wipro and spends almost the whole day at his work.

There are so many like Reema and Shrutis in Bangalore who come from other cities and settle here to start a new life here. To begin a new relation with their better half.

I really wonder how much women are made to sacrifice for a relation. Ok, one might wonder why these gals don't take up a job and engage themselves. They can't escape from the ordeal even if they are working. There are many who are bound to take a break or change the profession because her job schedule is not matching with their husbands'.

Such cases are also plenty. Trishna, 28, from Tripura got married and came to Bangalore. She had been working as a journalist for six years. But left the job because her husband wasn't happy. She quit finally.

Why is it that women have to compromise? Is this possible that a man is compelled to quit his job because his work timing is not matching with her wife? Men might raise eyebrows on this question. Hardly do we come accross such instances where the husband is "understanding". Rather it is the least to be excepted.

There are many who accept what their husbands like and move on in life. Learn to live on his terms. There are many who dare to walk out of the relation. But why is it that love becomes a weakness? Isn't a relation meant to enrich the both in each other's company? Or is it forces to change thyself because they are into a relation. Will anybody explain?

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