Saturday, September 02, 2006

Who am I?

Being the only child have been quite a privilege for me since I was small. I had always got the attention that I wanted. Not that I got whatever I demanded __ not a barbie doll or a pink ballerina __ but it was great being the precious one of my parents always. Trust me, I used to love when I had fever. The care and attention was something which I used to crave for. Buy yes at times the concern was suffocating too.

I have grown up the way they wanted me to be. Exactly like them with the values instilled in me. Good or bad I don't know but I stand here at this jucture with whatever lessons they have given to me. It never came to my mind if they were right or wrong. Because I never felt it necesary to ask them back.

After years being with them, now I am working alone in this city, miles away from my parents. I studied in a hostel. Experieced a different life. Away from them. Had to decide by myself what was right and wrong for me. Yes, at times I was baffled. But I did not go wrong. Probably the values roped me from going haywire. Then I started working here. And my work threw me into a new environment, which was different. I learnt new things and saw a different life.

Times changed so did my mind set. Experience added new lessons to my life. I never judged if what I had learnt from my parents was different from what I am experiencing now. Probably there are so many questions that come to my mind which will remain unanswered. I don't dare to ask my parents.

I know am not wrong in so many instances, but I don't want to hurt them. Don't want to argue with them for my sake. I don't want to act selfish. I just want to be me.

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