Thursday, December 28, 2006

Flashback 2006. Let's take a look at the beauty framed by the photographers. Credit: Reuters, AP-PTI, AFP and TOI

In this file picture taken on November 09, 2006, a keeper plays with a finless porpoise, a cousin of the baiji dolphin and one of five in Wuhan Baji Aquarium. The baiji dolphin, as it has been known in China since the mammal was first mentioned in mainland records more than 2,000 years ago, is on the verge of extinction, crowded out by cargo shipping on the river, heavy pollution and illegal fishing.

(left) File picture dated 11 April 2001 shows bear Ursa with her cubs at Skansen zoo in Stockholm. Due to an unusual warm autumn, bears in Sweden went on hibernation a month later than usual.
(down) Jawans have always made India proud. A moment where they are seen before a parade.

(Down) A woman pushes a baby cart as she strolls under arched yellow leaves of ginkgo trees in Tokyo, December 03, 2006. AFP

Winter has set in Delhi. A train enters station cutting across fog that clouded the entire area.

(Down) A Kashmiri nomadic woman sits huddled together with her baby on a cold morning as they wait for a bus in Srinagar December 12, 2006.

(DOWN LEFT) A baby, accompanied by a father, reacts to an illuminated Christmas
tree in Tokyo's Odaiba bay area on Dec. 25, 2006.
(Left) A two and a half-month old female reticulated giraffe nibbles on a plant at Rome's zoo on Friday, Dec. 1, 2006.

Indian air force Suryakiran jet trainers perform
during airshow on outskirts of Siliguri.

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