Saturday, June 07, 2008

Marriage ceremonies hardly evoked interest in me a few years ago. Rather, I missed many of them since childhood. The reasons being one too many.

But now things are different. Whether it's the wedding of my friend or my father's colleague's daughter's, I am keen to attend them. The incentive in these parties is the opportunity to meet old friends and acquaintances.

A few days ago, I was at one of those ceremonies. My father's friend's daughter got married. Coincidentally or luckily, it was a Friday, my weekly day off. Though it was not closeby, but we drove down to South Kolkata from the North, where we stay. All these to meet the known ones whom I had lost touch in five years while I was away from the city.

It was a pleasant surprise to meet my childhood bumchum, mashis, auncles, jethus, kakus, didis and dadas. In fact, it was difficult to recognise some of them. Some greeted us with warmth while a few others with a light grin. But it was fun to be with the known ones after so many years.

It was indeed a great feeling to meet my childhood pal in the party. Draped in a saree, she looked gorgeous. And soon we began our usual chitchat. We had so much to share and remembered those golden days which we had enjoyed together and which will never come back. But the biggest surprise was the news of her marriage next year. She quickly clicked on her mobile and showed her would-be hubby's pic. And then there was so much to share. But time was short and she had to leave early. She had to visit her in laws house that night.

We exchanged our phone numbers and promised to continue the never-ending stories when we meet next.

But I doubt if next time she will have time if the occasion is her marraige.

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gone thru' ur blog..good one..wish u happy blogging...
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