Saturday, August 02, 2008

Finding Mr Right

Education and career kept me so busy all these years that I forgot that I was almost nearing 30. Before it's too late, I logged into one of the matrimony sites. The reason is as obvious as you know — to pin down the Mr Right for me. Let me tell you here, I have never been lucky in love. After n-number of crushes and a friendship which I misunderstood as love, I realised arranged marriage is "the" option for me. Sounds funny right? No, it isn't, but a reality, which I am getting used to every day. A friend of mine used to say, negotiation marriage is the option for those who are left with no choice. May be she was true or may be not. I am confused!
So my parents began the search. Believe you me, this matrimony sites are very interesting. Though I am a member of one, I happened to browse many others with the hope that I will bump into someone from the virtual world. But the web dunia is no less complicated. It's like visiting the Levis showroom and not knowing which one to buy. Either you don't like the shade or you you can't afford the price. So you end up buying nothing:(
Even if you happen to like one, I am talking about a guy not the jeans, then begins the process of matching horoscope, height, weight and complexion. I won't lie here, I happened to like one of these guys but the fella is nowhere in the picture and his mom is doing the needful Trust me, the mother does know what his son's needs are. Can't imagine what will happen after the marriage, if pre-nuptial procedures are such rigorous. Some families are so uncourteous that after receiving the photograph they don't respond. They don't know even if they like me, I am going to say no.
I don't know whether to laugh at them or on myself. But that's life, without Mr Right.

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Suman Sinha said...

Being a boy, i am of the same opinion as urs... :)