Friday, May 20, 2011

Each and every single day is a story.

It’s a story when we wake up early, why we wake up early and what happens when the day starts early. What we do when we wake up early. How different is the day. How is the weather? Do the birds sing? Does the wind blow? How is the mood? Are you feeling happy or you are feeling jittery? Why exactly you are feeling happy or low? Are you thinking or you don’t have time to think. Look around. What is your family doing? Do they talk to you or they are busy with themselves. Or the daily routine is peaceful. If the day is not peaceful, why is it so? Hasn’t your maid come to work? Is your father’s work not going easy? Is your mother angry with something? Doesn’t she have enough stock of potatoes and onions? Why are your parents fighting over who will go to the market? Your father is very busy in the morning. Does he have more work to finish? Is he bringing work to home? Why? Is the salary enough to maintain a family of three? Maybe money is not the case. Find out the reason, if there is any. May be everything is fine. What’s on the T.V today? Do you get the time to watch serials? Do you even know the name of the actors and actresses who come on T.V. We hardly know their real names, they are more popular as Navya, Anant, Bhaskar and Ai. Do we eat lunch with your family? May be eat out because you are working. How is it to eat outside everyday? Are the restaurants clean? Do they give hygienic food? Do they wipe the floor every 15 minutes? Do you stand and eat or you have the money to sit and eat. What do you eat -- chawal, dal, roti and sabji or you get a papadam and curd too? Do you feel happy after eating a plateful of lunch? Do you inspect the glass of water before drinking or you drink water blindly. Are you doing your work everyday? Are you mature enough to deal with your boss? Do think a training would have helped? Or you are in the wrong profession. Are you thing too much at 30? Do you watch movie after work? Do you go to the PVR? Do you watch a DVD at home or PC? Is your wife present at home when you go back? Is she nice to you? If not why? She wants to eat out, you don’t want to. Call 2343-2525, home delivery. Ahh, that tasteless food! Let’s have pizza tonight. And a glass of Coca Cola.

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