Monday, November 21, 2011

Once November arrives, the smell of nature changes. It is not only the second last month of the English calender but a month that takes a long time to pass by leaving behind a memory of a year fresh in mind. As the pain of getting older pricks inside, the only incentive that keeps the heart going is a bright December. The month which is so special specially for Christians. December is special for me because I celebrate my birthday and my parent's marriage anniversary. Needless to say I remember Lord Jesus too in this month from the 1st to the 25th. Somehow I feel sad on December 25. I can't explain why. Once I had been to a church on the 24th night, but I had to stand outside because of the crowd. But then December 25, the year if I remember, 1994 it was, was very cold. My father, my mother and I couldn't stand in that cold for too long. The fear was I might catch cold and then fall terribly ill. The December then and now is very different. Christmas in Calcutta during the 1990s used to be a big celebration. I hardly go out these days, so I really do not know if that is the same in Kolkata now. At least my Christian friends in Bangalore made me a lil Christian in thought:) Things have changed a lot over the years. Coming back to special December, the last few days are a big wait for the 31st. A day which was a frolic 10 years ago. Now, I wait to spend the day with my family.

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