Sunday, December 04, 2011

Khwab ho tum ya koyii haqiqat,
Kaun ho tum batlayo, /hoooo/
der se kitne dur khari hon,
Aur kareeb aa jayo...

Devanand was a craze once upon a time not only among the women of India but also among the men folk. The actor who died yesterday, was a somewhat look-alike of Hollywood gentleman star Mr Gregory Peck. Devanandji probably followed his style of acting. A style icon Devanand was once the heart-beat of the Hindi film industry or Bollywood. Unfortunately, the actor is no more. His tin-tin like hair lock like an inverted comma with his stylish head bent on a side and a scarf tied on his neck was so typical of him. He was the face for the voice of Kishore Kumar Ganguly. Devanand was incomplete on screen without Kishoreda. The actor's death reminds me of some great Hindi sound tracks...Gata rahe mera dil (my heart sings on...), Churi nehi mera dil hain (my bangles are my heart), Aj phir jine ki tamanna hain (I wish to live once again), and Dum Maro Dum, mit jaye hum, bolo subha sham, Hare Krishna, Hare Ram....

I have heard from people that he was the reason behind the birth of many Bollywood stars. He could spot the talent from the crowd of a billion. He was the actor who gave the film industry some biggest hits like the "Jewel Thief", the "Guide", "Teen Deviyaan" and many many more. Devanandji began his career with Black and White movies and the world saw him in colour too. An era ends with the death of Mr Devanand, the evergreen actor.

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