Tuesday, August 14, 2012

To be free is freedom.

Freedom is very precious for me. When I am free I can enjoy everything. There is an inner happiness when I can do things on my own terms and in my own way. I can think freely and I have the right to speech. But the meaning of freedom completely changes when we live a family life. I call this a disciplined freedom. Take for example, when I am at home neither can I wake up really late in the morning nor can I go out wherever I wish to and at anytime. I have to follow certain rules. But then I am certainly free to watch the TV all by myself which I hardly could when I was in the hostel or for that matter some eight to ten years ago. I am free to control the remote when my parents are not around. They have given me the allowance to watch the television programmes and movies which are a source of fun and entertainment for me. I can surf the internet at times because I have been given the freedom to check my e-mails and read news online. When I listen to the stories of my parents and other elderly people, I get a different picture of freedom. During those days girls were hardly allowed to mix with boys other than those in the family. Watchful eyes followed young girls wherever they went. Men were lucky because they had the privilege to come back late at night. Girls who had brothers could manage at home and get pocket money to watch a movie with other girls in a cinema hall. To watch a theater I guess some had to do a bit of drama at home. 

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