Friday, December 06, 2013

The stream of astrology is yet to get the stamp that it is a branch of the huge tree of science. When it comes to this particular field of study God knows why scientists cringe to offer the status of science and takes time in approving the credibility of its predictions or results. Is it because there isn't a laboratory which can experiment on the cases that deal with a person's destiny? The experts who can predict by calcul
ating the date of birth of a person according to the special calender which has all the readings are known as astrologers.
The sayings of the astrologer, even though accurate at times, are not always believed or accepted by the person himself who is seeking an advice. I want to be correct by saying that exceptions do exist and they are the percentage of believers in this field of study compared to the non-believers. And because of these believers the study of reading a man's future is still alive.
Very interestingly a person's belief system in the astrologer or astrology for that matter takes a downturn just at the moment he surrenders himself to the expert who sits opposite to him ready with a magnifying glass. The man who is the "future reader" concentrates to draw a chart and prepares himself to save the patient. One must be careful that questions are redundant at this situation. But human nature is such that questions are bound to appear. Some astrologers do not mind the curiosity of the visitor but some astrologers do not like the Q and A session since he is class apart. Unknowingly the end result are the straight replies of the astrologer which are bare truths, raw truths and they are very difficult to digest at such a close proximity. Unknowingly the visitor/patient hurts himself with the truths which he could have avoided had he not asked nine questions. Silence could have yielded better crops in that chamber with a report which comes from the astrologer referring to some gems which need to be worn as finger rings or as pendants. It is hard to believe that a gem or a precious stone like an emerald can cure someone's problems over a period of time in terms of years. According to astrology, the date of a person's birth and the time at which he was born, the location are all very important to get the correct predictions from the man who is making calculations of the person's fate.