Friday, May 26, 2006

Musical note

Music and India seem to be like two words that are analogous. History stands testimony to this. Even now we pick up Tansen's instance to compare one's versatality and the prowess in music.

Zoom in on Bollywood music history, names of S D Burman, Mohammad Rafi, Naushad, Majruh Sultanpuri, Kishore, Geeta Dutt, Asha and R D Burman still make India pride, whether it is in composing music or lending a lilting voice to soothe the huge audience.

Fast forward to 21st century. Things haven't changed much, except that new talents are finding place on the dais.

The flurry of singers flourishing across the country shows that music is a talent that is aplenty. Thanks to the talent hunt shows. Yes, they might be interested in business, but it is undeniable that youngsters from corners of India get the opportunity to stage their talent. And, also can shoot to fame in few days, with a huge fan following. Their lives too change for a few days __ from designer clothes to prying cameras capturing every moment of their life giving them a brief taste of stardom. The stars in the making even get the chance to work with their chahida music directors too.

From well known Sunidhi Chauhan to newly found star Abhijeet Sawant, the list is neverending when it comes to the young singers who are ruling the music world.

Talents are bugeoning in the Bollywood industry and soon there will be a whole new group of stars who can add a new horizon in this arena. Is India ready for it?


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